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About Us

As a veteran with over 30 years in the tower industry, Tim Perry started TCI, in 2003, with the hope of serving his local community in Northeast Texas with high-speed wireless internet.  After the quick expansion of the Internet service, TCI  blossomed into a premier tower company, serving  radio and television broadcasters and companies in all areas of the oil & gas industry.

From the very beginning, Tim has surrounded himself with knowledgeable and motivated employees who have helped TCI harness a unique blend of tower and wireless expertise. We can offer what others cannot because we serve both sides of a coin – the tower construction and the implementation of a wireless network.

Not only does TCI stand behind its service but we have a spotless safety record and pride ourselves on our quick response to our client’s needs. TCI is able to stand behind our service because we use the same technology for our clients that we use for ourselves.