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24/7 Support

Texas Cellnet customer support by phone is available free of charge between 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday and all weekend.  But sometimes, when the Internet starts to act up, you need to be able to reach someone before the next business day.

We have 2 options for technical support after hours:

  1. A one-time fee of $75 for an after hours Service Call
  2. A recurring monthly fee of $20 for our 24-hour support service

This service called 24/7 Support has a twofold benefit:

  1. We offer additional support outside of normal work hours to get your issue resolved promptly
  2. We will also fit you in for a service call on the day you contact us

This service includes both phone support and actually coming to your location if the need arises. Contact us about the service if you find yourself needing that extra help in the evenings or weekends. Additional fees may apply[link].