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ROHN 25G Tower Sections

ROHN 25G Tower Sections are the world standard in galvanized steel tower. ROHN towers use double-bolted joints, which have been proven to be the best method of joining tower sections, for sturdiness and dependability. As a guyed structure, the standard 25G designs may rise to a height of 190 feet.

ROHN 25G Tower Sections include the standard straight sections that are 10 feet in length. Also, special short sections are available in various lengths to suit your tower base or shipment needs. 25G Tower Sections are offered in several different top section configurations to accommodate various mast sizes and antenna mounting or rotating requirements.

ROHN 25G Tower Sections feature:

— Complete hot dip-galvanizing after fabrication
— 11 1/4 in. equilateral triangle design
— High strength tubular legs are joined by continuous, solid round steel bracing cross members
— Each straight and top section shipped with all required nut and bolts for mounting that section, supplied inside one of the section legs.

ROHN 25G Tower Sections are available directly from DX Engineering at competitive shipping rates. The more you order, the better the deal! Order your ROHN Tower Sections and other tower installation accessories from DX Engineering today!


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