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Texas Cellnet Internet Service

Texas Cellnet is a premier Wireless Internet Service Provider (wISP), offering a full-featured, high speed internet solution that is available to the people of East Texas.
We reach our customers where they live and work, which most of the time is outside the reaches of cable or DSL internet. We use cutting edge equipment, professionally installed at your home or business and provide you with 24/7 service by way of multiple wireless frequencies broadcast from our towers. Texas Cellnet is always on, meaning subscribers do not need to login.

We were the pioneers of wireless technology in East Texas and have grown from providing internet where we started, in Canton, to now covering more than 30 zip codes. We have service plans to fit every budget and are growing every month. Our services include high speed internet, email, email security and after hours support. We thank you for stopping by and hope you’ll browse the site to become more familiar with what we have to offer. We look forward to serving you!

Steps to get service:

1) Verify your service eligibility by reviewing our Coverage Area Map.
2) We will come out and make sure you have Line of Sight to one of our towers, it’s usually not necessary for anyone to be at home.
3) The technician will call you with the results of the Site Survey and will transfer you to Dispatch for scheduling.
4) On the scheduled day we will bring out the equipment and install it and fill out the paperwork with the package you desire.

Are you ready to get started? Request a free Site Survey today!