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Site Survey

To verify your home or business for service, a technician will come to your location and record some important details about where you are in comparison to our tower sites, and which towers you have the best line of site to. Rarely is it needed for you to be at present for the Site Survey, but if you have specific questions about your antenna placement, network configuration, or have easily excited pets then you are welcome to request a call before our techs come to your site. We do Site Surveys as close as possible to the order they are received but in between service calls throughout the day. The techs take several surveys with them each day and choose surveys that are in the area they are working and for this reason we do not put surveys on our schedule.
After the tech has taken notes about your specific property, he then returns to the office and will use a software that shows us what lies between your location and our towers, and that helps us make an educated decision about your eligibility for service. Be sure to check what packages are available in your area before requesting a survey.

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